The Disturbing truth to 1984

While re reading the book “1984” I came across a terrifying parallel between their world and ours. For those of you who are not familiar with the book or movie, the nation Oceania is in a state of perpetual warfare with the other two superstates on Earth. But this isn’t a war that is to be won, it is an orchestrated conflict whose sole purpose is to control the masses.

Now with that said, take a moment and reflect on our perpetual conflict that simply cannot be won, the “War on Terrorism.” Very freighting stuff, I think Orwell was on to something.

Dissent is freedom

Do we allow our government to destroy our liberties in the name of security? Should we consent to the norm and choice our public servants between two equally and incompetent political parties? The time to dissent is now! We must dissent to the “norm” that has been created by our sickening government. They wish for all of us to be the same and hand our rights away to protect us from the next bomber or the next rogue state, in reality they create more enemies while they fill their pockets with millions! The day where our leaders believed in freedom is long gone, and re-ignition of our nation is necessary. Revolution is the only sensible option left. United we are strong, divided we are ignorant. Revolution will come, its just a matter of time. What will be the tipping point? Only time will tell.

Drug War

The fight against the consumption and production if recreational drugs is often coined as a “drug war,” but is it real necessary to waste billions of dollars and hundreds of lives fighting a war that can only be described as a failure?

For instance, in 2010 alone over $15 billion dollars was spent “fighting” the war on drugs. So with all the money being funneled into the fight you think drug use would have dropped right? Wrong. It has stayed consistent for years. Why do we continue to beef up the federal government by allowing them to lay siege on our rights? Shouldn’t we have the right to ingest what we like? This gross use of power is at its last stand. We need to let our politicians know that with the simple legalization of just cannabis thousands of lives will be saved across the world, and billions of dollars wouldn’t be wasted through incarcerating citizens for fractional use, sending contingencies of Marines illegally overseas, and scrapping large swaths of federal agencies that are involved with the so called war. Think about it.