Is it time for Revolution?

As our nation spirals downwards towards a fascist society; is it our duty, as Americans, to rise up and recreate our government? Day after day we are threatened by our government of more wars, of a weaker economy, of more terrorism and of the loss of our liberties. Freedom is nothing but a farce in this nation, we are united only in our hatred for the ‘other’ political party. Only our government is to blame for this. They have created enemies abroad and made us enemies with one and the other domestically. They have created an illusion of choice, yet in reality every candidate is the same; greedy, destructive and dishonest. Should we stand idle by as our beloved country heads down the same road as many great nations before her? Should we give up on our belief of freedom and liberty for all? We hold the key to our own futures. We, the people, are capable of enacting change. It is up to us, to our actions and words. Revolution is no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when. Long live the revolution and long live our Constitution!

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One thought on “Is it time for Revolution?

  1. I thinks it’s always time for a revolution. We’re always learning better ways to live. We’ve always got to be promoting the changes.

    The word revolution tends to be associated with violence. The only revolution I’m up for supporting is one that doesn’t require violence. Many people think that’s impossible but I have hope that unjust government isn’t going to need to go down with an overthrow. I’d rather it slowly whimper away to irrelevance.

    (I picture government like a two inch Napoleon shouting violent orders. People just poke him and laugh. Stupid… but the picture makes me smile.)

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